Swarovski Crystal Siam Light 2028 Xilion Flat Back

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Genuine Swarovski Crystal Siam Light 2028 Xilion Rhinestones with a silver flat back, which gives them Superior Glitz, Glamour and Shine!!
Swarovski is the finest quality, full lead crystals made today. They have 14 facets and are cut with tremendous precision, creating beautiful prisms! They are unmatched in quality and distinction.
They are being used to embellish anything and everything that needs that extra **SPARKLE**
These are fantastic for Bridal gowns, pagent gowns, drag queen and fancy dress costumes, or any garment you wish to glam up!
Glue them to T-shirts, shoes, cell phones, mugs, greeting cards and so much more!
All Merchandise is Guaranteed 100% Authentic SWAROVSKI COMPONENTS LINE made in AUSTRIA!!
These stones are first quality and will be shipped to you directly out of a brand new Swarovski package.
There are a lot of imitations of Swarovski Crystals. Make sure that you get a 100% Guarantee!
Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestones is NEVER made in China!

Material: Swarovski Leaded Crystal
Shape or Style: 2028 Round Flatback Rhinestone
1 Gross = 144 Crystals
Model: Flat Back - silver foiled backing
Place of Origin: Made in Austria

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