Donnie's Dance Training Cha Cha

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Donnie Burns - Dance Training - Cha Cha

The program is intended for the trainers of sporting dance, for the dancers of levels C, B, A, M class.
Donnie Burns is one of the highest authority in Latin American dancing. Former 14 times World Professional Latin American Champion and 5 times Grand Slam winner, not to mention British Open Champion and UK Open Champion.
On these DVDs Donnie uses Sergey Sourkov and Agnieszka Melnicka (2005 UK Open Amateur Latin Championships 5th place) to illustrate the most common errors and misunderstandings of the Latin technique which he sees judging competitions of all levels across the world. Sergey and Agnieszka first dance each group with those faults and although you may think it looks very good - Donnie still points out between 4 to 10 things in each group, which he changes to make the whole group look much better and far more competitive.

    1. Basic Group 8 Bars
  • Basic
  • Hip twist (open)
  • Fan position
  • Hockey stick
  • 3 steps of basic
  • Natural top (1 bar)
  • Opening Out
  • Hip twist (closed)
  • Fan
    2. Group A (Improvement of Basic Group 8 Bars)
  • Forward lock
  • Foot slip (Open hip twist)
  • Swivel basic (Fan)
  • Ronde basic with Foot slip (Hockey stick)
  • Ronde basic
  • Cross in front (Natural Top)
  • Ronde basic (Opening out - closed hip twist)
  • Alternative Basic
    3. Group B (8 Bars)
  • Check in promende position
  • Split cuban break
  • Forward walk
  • Swivel
  • A kind of hip twist ending
  • Pas de Bourree
  • Swivel
  • Shake
  • Pas de Bourree
  • Turn
  • Kick for Man (Close for Lady)
  • Body Wave
  • Pulse
    4. Improvement of Group B (8 Bars)
  • Arm and Action
    5. Group C (8 Bars)
  • Fan position
  • Changing weight for Lady
  • Turn for Lady
  • Leg lift for Lady
  • Walk for Lady, etc
    6. Improvement of Group C (8 Bars)

Language - English + Russian (Switch in DVD menu)
Color - NTSC
Time - 55 min

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