Line Figures With Mirko Gozzoli & Alessia Betti

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Line Figures as danced by Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti

Presented by Geoffrey Hearn.
By studying this DVD you will be able to improve your own technique, rhythm and shape of the Line Figures and enhance your own choreography.
The development of posture, rhythm, technique and attention to detail has made Mirko & Alessia pre-eminent in the world of professional Standard ballroom dancing. They dance the Line Figures with a clarity, rhythm and musical character that is an example to all aspiring dancers Whilst the lines shown are the Classic Lines required in every dancers choreography, the exciting shapes produced and the up to date entries and exits create the "Magic of Performance" as danced by Mirko and Alessia and many of the best exponents in the world of dancing.


Oversway Shapes:
Waltz – The Oversway – Left Lunge
Tango – Point Oversway – Outside Right Lunge
S/Foxtrot – Lowered Oversway
Waltz – Oversway with Lady’s Develope
Quickstep – Tilt Oversway
Waltz – Throwaway Oversway – Left Lunge
Quickstep – Throwaway Oversway
Waltz – Inverted Throwaway – Oversway – Same Foot Lunge
Waltz – Hinge
Tango – Hinge
S/Foxtrot – Overturned Left Lunge

Lunges to Right:
Waltz – Right Lunge
Tango- Right Lunge – Left Lunge
S/Foxtrot – Same Foot Lunge
Waltz – Same foot lunge with Lady Develope
Tango – Same Foot Lunge Point
Waltz – Right Hinge – Contra Check
Tango – Right Hinge

Contra Checks:
V.Waltz – Contra Check
Tango – Contra Check
Quickstep – Contra Check

Eros Line:
Waltz – Eros to the right

Waltz – Whiplash
Tango – Whiplash Contra Point

Language: English + Russian
PAL ::: More about PAL, SECAM and NTSC >>>
Time: 65 min.

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